Suzuki Bluesmaster harmonica Box with 6 keys - MR-250-S


Suzuki Bluesmaster harmonica Box with 6 keys - MR-250-S - Her får du 6 mundharmonikaer i en dejlig kasse og i 6 forskellige tonearter: C, G, A, D, F, Bb - Suzuki´s Bluesmaster er en kombination af Folkmaster og Promaster og er lavet i en fantastisk god kvalitet. Næsten umulig at ødelægge, da der er brugt de bedste materialer til fremstillingen af disse lækre diatoniske mundharmonikaer. 

Available key: Major - C, G, A, D, F, Bb
Cover Plates: Stainless Steel
Combe: plastic comb
Reeds: Phosphor Bronze
Size: 103 x 30 x 20 (mm) 
Weight: 65g (102g including Case)

Udtalelser fra to berømte mundharmonikaspillere:

Brendan Power:
"I like the clear, crisp tone and high build quality of Suzuki Harmonicas, both chromatic an diatonic. One of the main reasons I play Suzuki harmonicas is because their reeds last the longest of any brand I've tried. Harmonica players are always frustrated by reeds failing, and this annoyance is greatly reduced when you play Suzuki."

Dale King:
"The instruments I really enjoy playing are the Harp master and Bluesmaster because they respond immediately and the sound is warm and full. Considering the low price, they are the best on the market at the present time!"


Model: MR-250-S - 2119
Weight: 0,6


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