OMNITRONIC MOM-10BT4 Wireless Microphone


OMNITRONIC MOM-10BT4 Wireless Microphone - Trådløs UHF mikrofon, der passer til Omnitronic MOM10BT4 Receiver Module. Ø 5,2 cm. Kører på UHF frekvensen: 823-832 and 863-865 MHz med ca. 30 meters rækkevidde. Batteri-status-indikator, lisens-fri i de fleste EU-lande - Tjek evt. Duplex Gab for de forskellige lande.

Dynamic microphone with 16 UHF frequencies (823-832 & 863-865 MHz)

  • Matching the MOM-10BT4 receiver module
  • 16 selectable UHF frequencies (823-832 and 863-865 MHz)
  • Battery status indication
  • Operation range approx. 30 meters
  • License-free and approved in large parts of the EU (please check Duplex Gap on a country-by-country basis)
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid


Type: Transmitter
Power supply: 3 V DC
Power connection: Battery/battery pack
Capsule type: Dynamic
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Battery: 2 x Mignon (AA) (not included)
Frequency band: UHF 823 - 832 MHz; UHF 863 - 865 MHz
Frequency selection: 16 Switchable frequencys
RF power output: 10 mW
Frequency stability: ± 0.01 %
Range: 30 m with line of sight
switch: on/off switch
Material: Plastic
Length: 24.5 cm
Diameter: 5.2 cm
Weight: 0.25 kg
Model: Wireless Mic - 13106973
Weight: 0,25 kg


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