Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT


Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT - tilbyder kvalitet til musikanter som søger en god lyd og et godt håndværk i deres akustiske guitarer. Modellen har et Rustic Burst poleret finish og en Seagull Slim Hals med smallere sadelbredde. Denne model har Onboard Quantum 1T elektronik med indbygget tuner og Cutaway.

Seagull: 033430K
Dæk: Fleksibiltetstestet massivt ceder.
Bagside og sider: Canadian Wild kirsebær.
Gribebræt og bro: Palisander.
Sadel og broindlæg: Compensated Tusq® by Graphtech
Justerbar hals: Dobbeltfunktion.
Finish: Semi-glans poleret.

Kropsdybde: 124,46 mm
Kropslængde: 502,92 mm
sadelbredde: 43,69 mm
skalalængde: 630,94 mm

Model: Entourage Rustic CW QIT


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Autumn is a time for change and the Seagull Entourage Series has undergone a beautiful change of its own with its new Autumn Burst finish! The Entourage Autumn Burst QIT also boasts other exciting new features, such as an eye-catching white binding, a redesigned pickguard, and a richer/shaded finish on the back and sides. It comes equipped with the Godin QIT system; ready to turn it up as you hit the stage and keep you in tune thanks to its built-in tuner.


Body Depth 124.46 mm
Body Length 502.92 mm
Lower Bout 403.1 mm
Nut Width 43.69 mm
Scale 630.94 mm
Upper Bout 289.05 mm
Waist 267.72 
Body Depth 4.9 inches
Body Length 19.8 inches
Lower Bout 15.87 inches
Nut Width 1.72 inches
Scale 24.84 inches
Upper Bout 11.38 inches
Waist 10.54 inches

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