Cleaning and disinfectant fluid for all harmonicas


Cleaning and disinfectant fluid for all harmonicas - model HAC-01 - Suzuki Special rengørings- og desinfektionsvæske til alle typer mundharmonikaer. Det er vigtigt, at din harmonika altid er ren og fri for bakterier osv., Som altid kan dannes i et blæseinstrument. Hvis mundstykket ikke er rent indeni, kan det også resultere i at nogle af rørene, kan sidde fast eller kan forårsage funktionsfejl. Så med brug af denne rengøringsvæske er du altid klar til at spille.


S.SUZUKI HAC-01 -  Harmonica sterilization cleaner  -  Alcohol type

Effective in sterilization and deodorization with quick-drying properties for easy mainenance.

Contains natural ingredients and is ideal for cleaning and removing finger prints etc.

*How to use.
Spray this cleaner (3 -4 squirts per application) on to a dry soft cloth such as gauze or lint free cloth and wipe harmonica.
It excels in quick drying, but please make sure the harmonica is completely dry before use.

*Usage notes
Please do not use other than the purpose intended. Do not drink.
Do not use near naked flames, as there is a risk of fire.
Do not place in direct sunlight or store in high temperature.
Please ventilate room properly when using.
Be careful when spraying (against yourself or other people).
Keep out of reach of children.
If the liquid gets on the floor or furniture, it may cause discolouration, so wipe off with a cloth immediately.

*First aid
If it gets in your eyes, please rinse thoroughly with water immediately.
If accidentially swallowed, please drink water.
Consult a doctor immdeiatley if you have any problems and bring the product with you to your doctor (or hospital).

Name : HAC-01 Harmonica sterilization cleaner
Ingredients : Ethanol, purified water (Neutral)
Percentage of ethanol -

Dehydrated ethanol – 58%
Other ingreadients (including purified water) - 42%

Content: 120ml
Standard used amount : 3 to 4 squirts per application.

Model/varenr.: Sprit HAC-01 - 2251
Vægt: 0,15 kg

Levering, Fragt, Returret

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