Byt Julegave 2022

Latin Percussion - Cabasa deluxe


Latin Percussion - Cabasa deluxe - Virkelig lækker deluxe udgave af cabasa´en, der er ekstra dyb i forhold til en almindelig cabasa. God kvalitet fra Latin Percussion.

  • Martin Cohen’s second patented invention was developed over 40 years
  • ago and has become a staple hand percussion instrument Loops of steel bead chain wrapped around a specially textured, stainless
  • steel cylinder Wooden flanges enclose the cylinder and a wooden handle is attached Mini model has plastic flanges and handle Larger models produce louder, fuller sounds while the smaller models
  • provide more control and softer volumes Designed to create rhythmic scraping sounds and patterns Beads can be rotated around the textured steel or the instrument can be
  • spun or shaken for varying sounds Patented
  • Wooden body
  • Stainless steel cylinder with steel bead chains
Modell: LP861.764
Vikt: 0,86


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