Blackstar - Sonnet 120 Black


Blackstar - Sonnet 120 Black - Sonnet 120 er den ideelle akustiske combo, der er lige til at tage med. Denne lette, kompakte og funktionsdygtige 120 Watt, 1x8 + tweeter-combo er perfekt til alle dine akustiske giggingbehov og turné. Med mikrofon- og instrumentkanaler med uafhængige EQ- og REVERB-niveauer, imponerende lydkvalitet i studiokvalitet: HALL, PLATE STUDIO og CHAMBER, High Pass-filter, Brilliance-kontrol, USB-lydudgang, XLR D.I. mix output, MP3 / Line in, Bluetooth-lyd, fodkontakt til audio mute og REVERB til / fra samt Tilt-back stativ for ultimativ lydprojektion.


• Faithfully amplifies the natural response of your acoustic instrument.

• Acoustic minded High Pass Filter and Brilliance controls to adjust the crucial body resonance and piezo high-end of acoustic instruments.

• Modern performance versatility with instrument and microphone channels, MP3/line input and Bluetooth audio.

• Powerful, light and compact, with an adjustable tilt-back stand to project the sound for any performance.

• Perfect for solo performers or duos.


  • 120W, 1x8 + tweeter
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Microphone and instrument channels with independent EQ, anti-feedback and REVERB levels
  • Stunning studio quality reverbs: HALL and PLATE
  • High Pass Filter
  • Brilliance
  • Effects loop for each channel
  • USB audio out
  • XLR D.I. output for each channel and mix
  • MP3/Line in
  • Footswitch socket for audio mute and REVERB on/off
  • Tilt-back stand
Model: Sonnet 120 BK
Weight: 5,5 kg


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  Sonnet 60 Sonnet 120
Power 60W 120W
Channels Microphone ¼”, instrument XLR Microphone XLR/jack combi, instrument XLR/jack combi
Shape for Each Channel ‘Out’; a flat EQ response. ‘In’ position; a mid cut with a low and high boost ‘Out’; a flat EQ response. ‘In’ position; a mid cut with a low and high boost
CH.1 EQ Low, Mid, High Low, Mid, High
CH.2 EQ Low, High Low, Mid, High
Anti-feedback Yes (global Phase switch) Yes (Phase plus Anti-feedback level for each channel)
Phantom Power No Yes (+48V for each channel)
Pad No Yes (separate for each channel)
High Pass Filter Yes Yes
Brilliance Yes Yes
Bluetooth Audio Yes Yes
Reverb Yes (Hall, Plate) Yes (Hall, Studio, Chamber, Plate)
MP3 / Line In Yes Yes
Effects Loop No Yes (separate for each channel)
XLR D.I. Out Yes (Mix) Yes (separate for each channel and mix)
USB Audio Yes Yes
Footswitch FS-17 (Mute and Reverb on/off) FS-17 (Mute and Reverb on/off)
Tilt-back Stand Yes Yes
PA Stand Mountable Yes (with optional SA-2 adaptor) Yes (with optional SA-2 adaptor)
Speaker 1x6.5” + tweeter 1x8” + tweeter

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