Hotone Ampero II Press


Hotone Ampero II Press - Footswitch / ekspression pedal til Ampero II Stage og andre kompatible enheder.


Type: Expression Pedal
Analog/Digital: Analog
Mono/Stereo: Mono
Power: Passive Design
Misc: Footswitch function
Dims / Weight: 162 x 81 x 51mm 0,46 kg


Conventional external expression pedals often control only parameters of an effects unit, requiring the use of switches on the effects unit to change its status.

Ampero II Press solves this problem perfectly with its built-in single footswitch. And the optimized footswitch structure provides the excellent tactile feedback.

Designed with a passive circuit, it's reliable and convenient.

Whether on stage or in the studio, Ampero II Press is ready to add extraordinary expressiveness to your performance.

Ampero II Press adds a switching function on top of its expression capabilities, following the design of traditional single pedals. By stepping on the front end, you can trigger the footswitch to directly switch the operating status.

This eliminates the cumbersome process of using an effects unit's footswitch for switching, as required by conventional expression pedals.

Compared to conventional expression pedals, Ampero II Press provides the most convenient and user-friendly experience.

Built-in footswitches of effects units typically use rubber pads to simulate footswitches, resulting in weak tactile feedback. Ampero II Press, on the other hand, employs a unique "click" footswitch, allowing you to feel the pedal's status change with certainty while performing on a lively stage.

Ampero II Press pairs naturally with Ampero II Stage, but its compatibility extends far beyond that!

Ampero II Press connects to effect units via an EXP OUT and an FS OUT interface, making it suitable for any effects unit with dual EXP interfaces.

It's perfectly suited to control various brands effects units which have dual EXP interfaces.


- Expression pedal with footswitch

- Independent footswitch and expression outputs jacks

- Passive design - no power supply needed

- Solid aluminum alloy casing

- High quality potentiometer ensures precise response and long life

- "Click" footswitch and optimized structure for keen physical feedback


Model/varenr.: HT-SP-35
Vægt: 1 kg

Levering, Fragt, Returret

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