ARTURIA Audiofuse Revision 2 USB Audio Interface **UDSOLGT**

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ARTURIA Audiofuse Revision 2 USB Audio Interface - Eksternt lydkort i høj kvalitet til studie-brug samt andet indspilning. Rig på studie-funktioner. Tjek video'en på dette produkt. 

Tech Specs:

  AUDIOFUSE Revision 2
Next-generation interface
Dual mode interface / expander
Versatile desktop interface
Microphone inputs 2 8 4
Line inputs 4 8 8
Line outputs 2 8 2 (DC coupled)
Monitor outputs 2 pairs 1 pair 2 pairs
Headphone outputs 2x 6.25mm
2x 3.5mm
DC coupled
1x 6.25mm
1x 3.5mm
2x 6.25mm
2x 3.5mm
DC coupled
Reamping output Yes   Yes
RIAA phono preamp Yes   Yes
Integrated talkback Yes   Yes
"No latency" monitoring mixer Yes Yes Yes
USB hub sockets 3 x USB2   3 x USB3
Bluetooth audio receiver     Yes
MIDI I/O Yes   Yes
Effect inserts 2 2 4
ADAT 8 in, 8 out up to 48khz
4 in, 4 out up to 96kHz

8 in, 8 out, up to 96kHz

8 in, 8 out up to 96khz
S/PDIF In, Out Yes   Yes
Wordclock In, Out Yes Yes Yes
Data connection Micro USB2 USB-C USB-C
Power modes PSU, USB,
Model/varenr.: Audiofuse 2 - 2408120

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The Sound

To create a truly next-gen interface Arturia designed every element from the ground up. From the chassis to the convertors, the headphone connections to the DiscretePRO® preamps, every detail has been carefully chosen to give its owner the best possible experience.

No compromises, each element of the AudioFuse has been selected to perfectly serve your sound, using the set of state-of-the-art AD/DA converters to compliment the crystal clear signal path.


AudioFuse offers a host of connectivity options, from 4 analog inputs including two DiscretePRO® microphone preamplifiers, ADAT I/O, S/PDIF I/O, 2 RIAA phono preamps, 4 analog outputs (1/4" TRS), Word clock I/O, MIDI I/O, and even a 3-Port USB Hub for your dongles, hard drives, controllers… everything you need in one high quality audio interface. Connect your microphones, turntables, external analog equipment all at once. For the guitarist, AudioFuse also features re-amping, a feature which produces excellent results for the creative engineer.

A perfect creative bundle

AudioFuse Rev 2 comes complete with the AudioFuse Creative Suite, an ever-evolving collection of software effects and instruments that will let you add your own unique signature to your music. Combining favorites from our “You’ll Actually Use” series with Analog Lab Lite, AudioFuse Rev 2 lets you also enjoy legendary signal processing effects and iconic synth sounds. Color the pristine inputs of AudioFuse Rev 2 with stunning vintage effects!


Built around the idea that an interface should be a gateway to creativity, and not a barrier to it, AudioFuse puts heavy focus on “one knob, one function” workflow. If you need to activate talkback, press the button. Want to hear more of the input signal? Turn the knob. Need to switch monitors from A to B? Press a button. Want more level in one set of headphones? Not a problem, each one has its own volume knob. It’s like having your own mini-console on your desktop.

An interface that works with you

No matter how you create - in your studio on PC or Mac, or on the move on any USB 2.0 audio compatible machine, AudioFuse can handle it all.

  • Outstanding audio quality: using the latest technology, best converters, and revolutionary electronics designs, AudioFuse is all about the crystal clear sound.
  • Included AudioFuse Creative Suite: includes a selection of Arturia’s most-loved Compressors, Preamps, Filters, Delays, and more, for the ultimate hardware / software combination for recording and mixing.
  • Huge connectivity: from space saving breakout MIDI cables to multi-channel ADAT, bespoke combijack/XLR preamps with direct insert points to twin A/B switchable outputs, AudioFuse is has it all… even a talkback mic.
  • Exclusive technology: created from the ground up, Arturia’s engineers developed their own exclusive, low noise DiscretePRO® preamps to ensure your recordings are pristinely captured with absolutely zero color.
  • Versatile headphone system: never hunt for an adapter again, AudioFuse features 2 discrete independent headphone outputs, both containing 3.5mm and 6.35mm sockets.
  • Multi-platform powerhouse: AudioFuse supports you in the way you work, however that may be. Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and even Linux (apart from control software), this is truly a next-gen interface.
  • Ultra-low latency: with round-trip latency as low as 3ms, and direct control over the input and computer playback blend, AudioFuse will keep you in the groove and performing your best.
  • Robust construction: solid as a rock and cleverly designed, the moveable controls on the control panel of AudioFuse can be protected using the lid, keeping you safe from accidentally changing levels or settings when performing or recording.
  • Guitar reamping: streamlining your creative process and releasing your full potential in the studio, using AudioFuse’s multiple Hi-Z inputs and dedicated reamp output make complex guitar tracking a piece of cake.
  • The perfect monitoring solution: multiple outputs, outstandingly quiet analog components, and audiophile quality AD/DA convertors make AudioFuse the ultimate studio tool for listening and comparing.

Included Software

  • AudioFuse Control Center
  • AudioFuse Creative Suite
  • Analog Lab Lite

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