Black sheep Power Tuner

  • BlackSheep Power Tuner / Størmforsyning
  • Strømforsyning. 12V in / 9V out. Strømforbr.100mA - 1600 mA
  • Thrue bypass
  • LED display

Levering, Fragt, Returret

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Black Sheep Power Tuner
Kompakt Tuner-pedal och 1,6 Ampere strömförsörjning för övriga pedaler
The Black Sheep Power Tuner pedal is a superb piece of kit that ensures you won’t go out of tune and also powers up your whole pedal board!
Power Tuner is a high precision chromatic tuning pedal which reacts super fast so that whenever you have to retune your strings it will be done accurately and efficiently.
It also has two 500mA outlets, six 100mA outlets and cables are included to power up your whole pedal board. The included 12V power adaptor makes sure that neither the Power Tuner or your other pedals run out of juice.
The Power Tuner has advanced true bypass circuitry for a smooth signal output with diminished interference. The LED indicator and back screen are bright enough to see in any light conditions.
The Black Sheep Power Tuner is a compact, true bypass, sturdy built pedal that delivers professional tuning and powers up your whole pedal board at an exceptional price.

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