Blackstar - HT DUAL


Blackstar - HT DUAL - Fed to kanals overdrive pedal, der fungerer ligesom Blackstar´s forstærkere med indbygget ECC83 (12AX7) rør.


The Blackstar HT Dual provides unprecedented versatility and dynamics within one impressively designed stompbox. These two channel overdrive pedal is one impressive box, and is powered by a ECC83 (12AX7) valve, to provide maximum warmth, sustain, and richness. Channel 1 has a Clean/Crunch mode switch so the first channel can be used either as a clean channel, boost, or overdrive. Nice. Channel two can go from a super crunch tone to an utterly screaming and stadium-sized lead sound. Both channels have separate level and gain controls. The unique design of the Blackstar HT Dual places both gain and level controls on the same pot, but with separate controls. The bass, middle, and treble knobs all provide unmatched shaping of your tone, giving you some real flexibility to the overdrive and boost functions of this pedal. The ISF knob provides something completely unique and astounding, however. This control works dynamically with the bass, middle, and treble controls. Turn clockwise for a more UK/British tone, or turn counter-clockwise for a more American overdrive sound. This can really open up the possibilities of your overdrive, and deliver something completely original and unique amidst the horde of overdrive tones saturating studios and stages. The Blackstar HT-Dual is completely unique and original in every respect.
Model/varenr.: 990086 - HT Dual
Vægt: 0,6 kg

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