Salvador Cortez CS-80 , Inkl. Deluxe gigbag.

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  • Salvador Cortex CS-80
  • Inkl deluxe gigbag
  • Massiv top
  • En guitar som bliver bedre og bedre med årene 
  • Super flot lyd
Model/varenr.: CS-80

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Salvador Cortez Salvador Cortez CS-80 er en guitar model fra Master series er fuldmassive guitarer. 
Denne model er med Gran dæk samt rosewood sider og ryg. Guitaren har et tyndt bracing system indeni guitarens konstruktion sammen med det massive træ og dette giver en flot dynamik og overtone resonans. 
Der er inkluderet en Deluxe gigbag.

  • top wood solid spruce
  • back and sides solid mahogany
  • scale length in mm 650
  • spanish neck joint
  • top nut width in mm 52
  • 12th fret width in mm 61
  • upper bout in mm 288
  • waist in mm 248
  • lower bout in mm 371
  • body length in mm 484
  • body depth in mm 100
  • strings Galli GR-60
  • top nut TN-52-BN
  • bridge saddle BS-80-BN
  • machine heads MH097GK-A1B



Build quality I’m serious, there is nothing to complain about. Material fit to the highest level, neat varnishing, good material feel. The front deck is made of solid spruce, the back and sides are mahogany. Neck - Indian rosewood. Bone lamellae. Very good tuners (MH097GK-A1B) Design features The strings are low, which allows playing classical and flamenco (about 2 mm above the first fret, about 3.5 mm above the 12th fret, fingers between the strings and the soundboard will not slide near the stand). There are no marks on the frets, which indicates preparation for professionals. If you are a beginner, you can temporarily use stickers until you remember the positions. The neck can be adjusted as the anchor goes through it. Sound features The sound is very loud and bright, very bright bass, high and middle notes are clearly audible. There is no bias towards mid-tones or bass like in cedar guitars. This is not only due to the spruce, but primarily due to the fact that the entire soundboard is assembled from an array of different types of wood. There is a slight rattle when playing attacking, which gives the guitar its characteristic flamenco sound. However, this is only heard in rasgueado. Strings at all frets do not rattle when plucked. All notes are heard equally well. Having compared this guitar with other spruces (Salvador Cortez CS-25, H. Navarro NC-40), I don't want to let it go. The guitar just comes to life in the truest sense of the word. The bass sounds for 13 seconds, the high tones are shorter, but sufficient for any fermata. It is very easy to play melisma with ligato, passages, apoyando. However, to protect the deck and fully reveal the flamenco sound, remember to stick a golpeador on the deck. From the factory usually strings Salvarez, hard tension. I recommend trying carbon strings. However, when choosing strings, you should give preference to a hard tension (a smaller amplitude of jitter, which is preferable, since, as I said, the height of the strings is small). Appearance The guitar is incredibly beautiful. The front deck is framed by a dark inlaid insert around the perimeter, the back and sides shimmer with a warm honey color. There is a dark insert on the back deck from top to bottom. The back and headstock are lighter than the soundboard, with a dark top with frets in front and a dark head. Contrasting rosette with delicate pattern. Who is this guitar for Definitely for classical and flamenco performers of varying degrees of training, who love a bright juicy sound. Is this guitar suitable for a beginner guitarist? Yes, but be prepared that after playing this guitar you will hardly be able to play other guitars, as you will simply fall in love with how it sing. Set The kit includes the guitar itself, a CGS-765 protective case with an internal cushion for the neck, and an anchor wrench.

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