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SCOOCH Tap Tempo - Tap Tempo Switch

SCOOCH er en ekstern taptempo-fodkontakt designet til brug med Expression Ramper X3, Whitecap og Blackcap fra Old Blood Noise Endeavors.


Simply plug scooch into the Tap In/Ext Tap jack with a TS cable and start tapping in your desired tempo! The pedal you plug SCOOCH into will handle the rest.

SCOOCH Tap Tempo can be used with a wide variety of other devices as well, for Tap Tempo, Remote Switching, or other purposes: anything expecting a momentary, normally open footswitch signal through a TS cable (connecting Tip to Sleeve when pressed) will be compatible.

Main Features:

  • Tap Tempo Footswitch
  • 3 mm TS output (configured as normally open) – for connecting any compatible tap-tempo or external switching enabled pedal
  • Designed to work with Old Blood Noise Endeavors effects pedals
  • Also compatible with any device capable of accepting momentary, normally open TS footswitch signlals connecting Tip to Sleeve when pressed
  • Compact form factor
  • No power required
Model/varenr.: SCOOCH Tap Tempo
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