Morley Gold ABC Switch


Morley Gold ABC Switch - er et fantastisk værktøj, der kan spille flere (op til 3) instrumenter gennem den samme forstærker. Alternativt at kunne vælge mellem 3 forskellige afspilningskilder, f.eks. forskellige forstærkere, lydkort eller mixere.



Effekt-typ: ABC Switch
Analog/Digital: Analog

The Morley ABC adds an extra channel to our iconic ABY pedal. This extra channel adds to it’s versatility and is the perfect tool for multi-instrumentalists and those who like to use multiple amps at the same time.

You can route one input to three outputs or reverse it and route three inputs to one output. This makes switching between instruments or amplifiers easy. It’s also completely passive so it doesn’t need a power source to function. Only the LED’s require power, which is great for conserving battery life.

Use as many as three amps at the same time or select between them. This is great for live sound as well since you have an additional output to send to the board. Please note that for splitting your signal we recommend using the ABY MIX or ABC Pro as those are better suited for splitting.

- Flexible routing: route one input to three outputs or reverse it and route three inputs to one output.

- Bypass switches for each channel

- Handy LED’s let you know which channels are active

. True Bypass

. Passive design, can be used without a power source. Only the . - LED’s require power.

- Powered by a standard 9V supply or 9V battery

- Robust Design built with Cold Rolled Steel

- Dimensions: 6.63″ L x 4.38″ W x 2″ H

- Current Draw – 2 mA

Model/varenr.: ML-ABC-G
Vægt: 2,5 kg

Levering, Fragt, Returret

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